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Specialty Contaminant Removal Filters

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Sodium Removal Filter Cartridge
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $43.29
You save $25.71!
Nitrate Removal Filter
List Price: $69.95
Our Price: $49.95
You save $20.00!
Custom Double Undercounter Filter (Ceramic, Nitrate, Sodium)
List Price: $289.00
Our Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $184.95
You save $104.05!
Contains a high-efficiency ion-exchange resin regenerated in the potassium form. It will remove virtually all sodium (and hardness) and exchange it for potassium. Can be regenerated using potassium chloride brine (about once a month). Contains a special nitrate-selective resin. Nitrate reduction is 90% to 95% and breakthrough is not affected by sulphate levels. The capacity is 5000 ppm of nitrates as CaCO3. This twin housing undersink water purifier system features our KDF/GAC (rated to treat 12,000 gallons) cartridge PLUS your choice of one special contaminant water filter cartridges! Choose the Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic filter as a pre-filter to effectively remove harmful bacteria. Or choose one of two other Specialty Contaminant Removal Cartridges, "Nitrate Removal Filter" , "Sodium Removal Filter".
Triple Countertop Water Filter
Custom Triple Undercounter Water Filter
List Price: $379.00
Our Price: $289.00
Sale Price: $239.00
You save $140.00!
Triple Countertop Water Filter With Ceramic Fluoride
List Price: $369.00
Our Price: $279.00
Sale Price: $239.00
You save $130.00!
NOW EXTRA $10 Off - Two contaminant-specific filters can be combined with the KDF/GAC filter in this triple configuration for specific problems. YOU choose the two cartridges you want in addition to the KDF/GAC filter. Choose the Doulton Sterasyl ceramic as a pre-filter to effectively remove harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli, or Carbon Block for high chlorine, or one of three other Specialty Contaminant Removal Cartridges if you wish to effectively remove Fluoride, Nitrates or Sodium. Triple Countertop Water Purifier sits on your counter and easily connects to your faucet uses our KDF/GAC and specialty contaminant removals Ceramic for Bacteria and Fluoride removal, see product for more details.
Notice: consumer is responsible for following any state and/or local regulations and plumbing codes pertinent to the purchase, installation and operation of our products.

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