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Crystal Bath Ball (Bath Dechlorinator)
Crystal Bath Ball
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Crystal Bath Ball
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The New Series 3000 Crystal Ball for the Bath
The new series 3000 is larger, has more media, an increased water flow and a new latching system.
The answer to chlorine removal from your bath water.

The crystal ball for the bath is an entirely new concept in de-chlorinating bath water, requires no plumbing attachment, it works right in the tub, remove up to 100% of free chlorine for a healthier bath.

Your skin feels better and looks younger.

How it works: When water comes in contact with the media filament inside the fabric pouch the chlorine ions in the water are converted into a harmless chloride. The toxic effects of chlorine, chloramines, and chlorine gas are eliminated with the aid of a special media called KDF-73 in filament form. The media is 70% pure copper and 30% pure zinc. Chlorine is removed quickly when the Crystal Ball is circulated through the bath water. The crystalline quartz mixed with the media reduces the molecular structure of water into smaller clusters enhancing sudsing and lathering of soap.

Long Lasting, Lasts For Over 200 Baths!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Crystal Ball:

HOW IS IT USED? The Crystal Ball for the Bath dechlorinates the water by placing it into the tub and pulling it through the water with the attached 12-inch cord for a few minutes. For best results, do not hang ball from spout while filling tub. Important: when using bubble bath, oils, epsom salts, etc, be sure to add them AFTER dechlorination is complete. The 12-inch cord is also used to hang the ball on a hook or fixture to dry between uses. Please remove it from the bathtub before using the tub to avoid the possibility of stepping on the plastic ball. If you add more water to the tub while bathing you may swirl the Crystal Ball through the water for another minute or so to remove any new chlorine.

WHAT IS THE MEDIA USED TO DECHLORINATE AND TREAT THE WATER? 1. 1 1/2 oz. KDF Formula 73 Copper-Zinc filament. 2. 1 oz. Virgin American Crystalline Quartz.

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THE KDF FORMULA 73 FILAMENT? KDF Formula 73 (F-73) is a specially processed alloy of 70% copper and 30% zinc. The filament is processed by special machinery, which produces a fine, hair-like strand of brass only 60 to 80 microns in thickness, about the same as a human hair. Each Crystal Ball for the Bath contains 1 1/2oz. of F-73 strands, which if laid end to end would extend over 4000 feet. This provides the Crystal Ball with a great surface area, which in turn accelerates the electro-chemical action of the F-73. The Crystal Ball for the Bath is absolutely unique. There is nothing with which to compare it.

HOW DOES KDF FORMULA WORK IN REMOVING CHLORINE? As chlorinated water flows through the filament the dissimilar metals in KDF, (copper and zinc), create a galvanic or electrolytic reaction which causes the two chlorine ions to combine with a zinc ion to form a harmless chloride. KDF does not hold the chlorine. It changes the chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.

WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE OF CRYSTALLINE QUARTZ? Our specially washed and sun dried quartz crystals help to "energize" the water by reducing the water's surface tension. This allows for an increase in sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. The water has a "lighter" feel, similar to the feeling of softened water.

ARE ANY MATERIALS USED IN THE CRYSTAL BALL FOR THE BATH EITHER HARMFUL OR TOXIC? No. KDF media is widely used in drinking water and water treatment systems. It also conforms to the U.S. Drinking Water Act (PL99-399 of 6/19/86). Our crystalline quartz is pure American mined silicon dioxide (S102) specially washed and sun cured. It is chemically inert.

Suggested replacement is 200 bathes or one year, whichever comes first.

The Crystal Ball for the Bath is completely American made including all components and raw materials.

NEW larger design
Better water flow
More media
Improved locking tabs
Sturdier housing
Improves lathering and sudsing with Crystalline quartz
Uses replaceable media pouches
Healthier, Younger looking skin
Relief from dry skin
Great for baby's bath
Safe for infants, adults, & pets

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