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Shower Filter Rainshow'r New Century Adjustable Shower Head
Shower Water Filter KDF
List Price: $47.95
Our Price: $43.69
You save $4.26!
Rainshow'r New Century Non Cartridge Dechlorinating Shower Filter
List Price: $89.95
Our Price: $73.95
You save $16.00!
Adjustable Shower Head
Our Price: $8.95
You absorb more chlorine through your skin in one shower than what you typically drink all day. Chlorine can make skin dry and flaky. KDF copper-zinc alloy (manufactured by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.), the most effective media there is to remove chlorine in high temperature shower water. KDF's performance actually improves the higher the water temperature, whereas carbon's (used by some) performance decreases! With this technology, our filter has been shown to effectively remove 95+% of this damaging chlorine, for up to 1 full year (for 2 people) - 2 to 3 times longer than other filters. KDF can also remove iron and other heavy metals, sulphur, and it controls the mold and mildew in your shower. The New Century by Rainshow'r a non-cartridge shower filter removes toxic chlorine from your shower with the best in style & technology. Contains 18 oz of KDF-55 making it the Largest Shower Filter. Adjustable shower head (white) turning outer shell adjusts spray pattern from hard fast streams to softer, gentler flow.
Shower Filter Shower Kit Bag Rainshow'r
Rainshow'r KDF Shower Filter
List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95
You save $10.00!
Hand Held Shower Kit
Our Price: $29.95
Rainshow'r is the pioneer in the shower filter industry, designing and manufacturing shower filters for over 15 years and have thousands of long time customers. Healthier, younger looking skin, softer, more manageable hair, reduces fading of color treated-hair, relief from dry skin and scalp, improved lathering and sudsing, removes 90% or more of free chlorine, great for those with Chlorine sensitivity. Installs in minutes - no special tools or professional help required. Hand held shower system savershower, kit includes 59" super-flex hose, swivel arm bracket and shower handle. Connects directly to a shower filter in place of standard shower head. NEW 3000 Series! Replacement Pouch - Crystal Bath Ball Replacement Bag for Rainshow'r Crystal Ball (Bath Dechlorinator)
Replacement Shower Filter Shower Filter Cartridge Massage Hand Shower
Backwashing Shower Filter Cartridge Canpro
List Price: $99.99
Our Price: $89.95
You save $10.04!
Replacement cartridge for Rainshow'r CQ-1000 shower filter, easy installation "pop-in" cartridges last 6-9 months on average. Replacement Cartridge Canpro for Item SF-1000 and SF-2000, Backwashing KDF Shower Filter. NEW! Champagne & Massage shower handle provides six different exhilarating spray patterns to choose from including champagne bubble streams, normal shower spray, fast pulsating spray, relaxing mist plus combination spray & pulse and spray & mist settings.
Massage Shower Head Water Saver Head Spray Shower Head
Water Saver Shower Head
List Price: $22.49
Our Price: $14.69
You save $7.80!
Four position pulsating White shower-shower spray, fast pulse, spray and pulse combo and pause setting. Now Available In Chrome. Water Saver Shower Head, gives a great shower , invigorating and wet feeling spray, with flow control button, cuts flow to a trickle while lathering up, allows for easy adjustment of the force of the shower. Solid brass chrome adjustable spray shower head. The side lever easily adjusts the spray pattern from faster, finer streams to a coarser, softer flow. A unique 5 flow rate system which insures homeowners with lower water pressure you can still get a good strong shower.

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