Rainshow'r New Century Non Cartridge Dechlorinating Shower Filter

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The New Century by Rainshow'r a non-cartridge shower filter removes toxic chlorine from your shower with the best in style & technology. The result is better skin conditions, more manageable hair and reduction of itches and rashes. It is the most environmentally correct filter because it uses less plastic and lasts longer.
It has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association and meets NSF Standard 177 for performance.
Healthier, Younger Looking Skin, Softer, More Manageable Hair, Reduces Fading of Color-treated Hair, Relief From Dry Skin and Scalp, Improved Lathering and Sudsing, Great for Those With Chlorine Sensitivity
Contains 18 oz of KDF-55 making it the Largest Shower Filter.
Estimated average life of 15-18 months.

Converts Chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride through a KDF filament
Installs in minutes! No special tools or professional help required
Removes 90% or more of free chlorine
Units meet NSF/ANSI Standard 177 certified to 30,000 gallons
Made in the USA