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Your Crystal Clear reverse osmosis system is designed to fit under your kitchen sink. It can also be install remotely, such as in the basement, provided the length of tubing from the storage tank to the faucet does not exceed 20 feet. It can be greater than that, but would require a booster pump. The filter’s fittings are a special high-pressure quick-connect type. To connect, simply push the tubing into the fitting until it is completely bottomed. To disconnect, push down (towards filter) on the outer ring while pulling out on the tubing.






There are five basic steps to installing your new system:






STEP 1 – FAUCET: The faucet should be secured through an existing hole in the sink ledge (such as an old sprayer) or a ½” hole can be drilled in the desired location. If you have a porcelain sink, you might consider having a professional do the drilling, or install the faucet into the countertop, back from the sink ledge. Place the small rubber gasket on first. For larger holes, also use the chrome beveled washer and then the large rubber gasket. Under the sink, slide on the metal washer, lock ring, and brass nut. Position the handle where it is convenient for you and then tighten the nut. Next screw on the gray quick-connect fitting onto the faucet stud – tighten securely. After installation of the faucet, attach the tubing marked “faucet” to the quick-connect fitting on the faucet.






STEP 2 - DRAIN: Choose either the drain set up for use with disposals or the saddle clamp type. Instructions are included with the disposal drain kit. For the saddle clamp, position the drain clamp on the sink drainpipe above the drain trap. Allow room for drilling. Tighten securely. Drill a 7/32” hole through the wall of the drainpipe (do not penetrate the opposite side). Attach the tubing marked “drain” to the clamp. Connect the tubing into the quick-connect port.






STEP 3 - STORAGE TANK: Screw on the tank shut-off valve onto the tank. Be sure it’s in the “open” position. Place the tank into position under the sink - in can be laid on its side if needed. Attach the tubing marked “tank” to the fitting on the shut-off valve.






IMPORTANT: The tank should be precharged with 6 psi pressure. It is recommended that you check the pressure with a tire gauge (valve stem is on the bottom – be sure tank shut-off valve is open). A tire pump can be used to add air, if needed, or depress the center pin to release pressure. The tank was filled at sea level - higher elevations can increase this pressure, thereby lowering output.






STEP 4 - EZ CONNECTOR WATER SUPPLY VALVE: Next, install the EZ Connector valve on the cold water line - see separate instruction sheet. Connect one end of the other tube to the quick-connect end of the EZ Connector Valve, and the other end to the side of the filter marked "IN". The R/O bracket can now be fastened to the cabinet wall, if desired.






STEP 5 - START UP: Your R/O in now making water. It will take two to three hours to initially fill the storage tank. After allowing it to fill, open the faucet and drain the tank. Do this one more time. After it refills the third time, it is ready to drink. It is also ready to place a tee in the faucet line to supply your refrigerator/ice maker, if desired. Close the valve on the storage tank and the saddle valve before doing so. Pushing the faucet handle down gives you a controlled flow; flipping the handle up will lock it for filling pitchers, etc.









1. After an extended period of inactivity, empty the storage tank and allow the system to produce fresh water before drinking.



2. Installations in high elevations may require a pressure adjustment on the storage tank - see above.



3. Maximum water pressure is 125 PSI. Maximum operating temperature is 85° F. Protect from freezing.



4. Actual capacity of any pressurized storage tank is less than the industry-standard rated volume, and is dependent on pressure. At 60 psi, our 4-gallon tank holds about 2.2 gallons; at 40 psi it holds about 1.8 gallons.









For most applications, the sediment prefilter (in housing on right), the carbon block prefilter (in housing on the left), and the carbon post filter (mounted on top) need to be replace annually. If you are in an area that has a high level of sediment and/or chlorine, more frequent replacement may be required. Order part number RO-FRS for the complete set of three cartridges.



The membrane (in vessel mounted onto top of bracket, under carbon post filter) has a life span of 2 to 5 years - depending on the level of dissolved minerals (hardness) in your water. Installing a water softener (available from Crystal Clear Supply) ahead of the R/O system on water that is 10 grains per gallon or harder will prolong its life. A TDS (total dissolved solids) monitor (available from Crystal Clear Supply) may be used to check the effectiveness of the membrane.









Housings, hardware: Five years full replacement. Membrane: 2 years prorated at $4.00 per month of usage. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, freezing, fire or other fortuitous event. No allowance is made for the consequential damage, labor or expense incurred as a result of a proven defect.






RETURN PROCEDURE - Items returned under warranty must be shipped POSTPAID to Crystal Clear Supply at the address below. A photocopy of your sales receipt MUST be enclosed with the unit. A replacement will then be sent.










The EZ Faucet Connector Valve gives you a quick, easy and reliable water supply for your water filter. It provides full flow – great for homes with low water pressure. It’s easy to install:

1. Look under your sink where the cold side faucet stub meets the supply line. It may either be a threaded stub, as pictured above left, or a short copper line with a nut at the bottom as pictured above right. The O.D. of this threaded stub or nut should measure 13/16" – see below if it doesn’t.

2. Unscrew the supply line from the stub.

3. Thread the EZ adapter tee onto the stub – be sure rubber gasket is in place.

4. Install the supply line to the male end of the EZ Connector.

5. Insert stem the ball valve shut-off into the quick-connect port on the tee until it is fully bottomed.

6. Now insert your inlet-side ¼" blue tubing into the quick-connect port on the ball valve shut-off. The handle provides easy on-off, and controlled flow.


In the rare event that your plumbing does not accommodate the EZ Faucet connector, we have an EZ Shut-off connector that fastens to the top of the cold-water shut-off valve (which has threads with an O.D. of 9/16". Call us or email us if you would like this option.










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