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Pre-Filters for Additional Contaminant Removal and Extending the Life of Your Water Ionizer Filters With Our Long Lasting Systems
Our pre-filters will connect to almost all ionizers including Kangen (Enagic), Jupiter Water, Gold Fox and many more using our quick connect fittings. Under-counter pre-filters are also available but require installation by a plumbing professional.
Water ionizers which are designed in changing the pH of the water removes some contaminants from your water however they don't remove everything specifically fluoride, bacteria, chloramines, iron, nitrates, heavy metals or arsenic. Due to the high demand we have designed a number of reasonable add-on water pre-filters for delivering contaminant free pure water to your existing ionizer machine.
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  • Double Countertop Ionizer Water Purifier KDF-GAC & Fluoride Pre-filter
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