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The WH whole house water filter contains both KDF (copper-zinc alloy) and GAC (granulated activated carbon). The filter is designed for the water to pass through the KDF media first (for dechlorination), and then the GAC. The water enters the main filter at the inlet side of the distributor head, travels down through the medias, is picked up by the center tube, and exits the other side of the head.

The KDF media is much heavier than the GAC media. If our filter was shipped full, and the filter laid on its side, the KDF could move out of position. Because of this, we ship the filter with the KDF separate. Here are the easy instructions for filling your filter tank with the KDF media:

  1. Unscrew the black cap from the top of the filter tank. You may need to tap it counterclockwise with a hammer to help unscrew it. Save it for future tank exchanges.
  2. Be sure that the red cap is in place at the end of the center tube. This prevents the media from falling down into the tube during filling.
  3. Place the funnel into the opening, and pour the KDF media into the filter tank.
  4. Remove the funnel and the red cap from the tube.
  5. Carefully screw on the distributor head, with the tube going into the hole in the center. Be sure to tighten securely. You can use the 3/4" pipe used to connect the prefilter to the main filter (see installation instructions) for leverage.
  6. Now see the installation instructions.



IMPORTANT: Be sure to follow the assembly instructions before proceeding. It is recommended that installation of the whole house water filter be done by a professional plumber since cutting into you home's main water line is required.

Both the sediment prefilter and the main filter have 3/4" FTP fittings. Two connection options can be used on copper pipe: 3/4" MPT to sweat (be sure to keep the heat away from the plastic), or 3/4" MPT to compression. 3/4" copper flex tubing (used on water heaters) can also be used. The sediment prefilter and the main unit can be joined using a simple 3/4" MPT long pipe nipple. Use Teflon tape only on fittings.

The sediment prefilter is the first thing the water passes through, then the main filter unit. Be sure to note inlet and outlet markings on both units. It is recommended that a three-valve by-pass valve be installed to loop the entire system. This enables bypassing the water for lawn watering and makes servicing easier. Union connections on either side of the main tank should be considered – they would make tank change-outs much easier.

After the unit is installed, it is necessary to flush the unit thoroughly. Do this at the nearest water faucet (such as a utility sink or outdoor faucet). The water will be blackish in color for some time - this is normal carbon dust. Continue to run water until it runs clear. Shut the water off and let the unit sit for awhile, then flush it again. The homeowner may notice an initial "cloudy" appearance to the water for a day or so - this cloudiness is actually tiny air bubbles being purged from the carbon. This is normal, harmless, and will clear up in a day or two.


After an extended period of inactivity, allow water to run through the filter for several minutes before drinking. Otherwise, the taste may be bitter due to excess zinc oxide (which prevents bacterial growth and is harmless to drink).
Maximum recommended flow rate is 5 gallons per minute. Operating at higher flow rates will not necessarily damage the unit but will reduce the contaminant removal efficiency.
Maximum water pressure is 100 PSI. Install a pressure regulator on water with pressures higher than this.
Maximum operating temperature is 110° F. Protect from freezing.



The whole house filter is designed to remove chlorine and other contaminants from approximately 300,00 gallons of water (about three years), and has a three-year prorated warranty of effectiveness. In virtually all cases, the taste and odor of chlorine will return to municipal water when the cartridge has lost its effectiveness. The enclosed test strips (3) can be used to confirm the presence of chlorine. Dip the test strip into the water sample with a constant gentle back and forth motion for 10 seconds. Immediately note the color change: the pad on the end will turn blue with the presence of free chlorine, the pad nearest the handle will turn green with the presence of total chlorine (chloramines).  IMPORTANT: Assess the color within 10 seconds after dipping the strip - the pads become unstable after that and will give a false reading. Additional test strips are available from Crystal Clear Supply (3 for $1.00).  The type and concentration of contaminants varies widely throughout the country. Therefore, to assure maximum effectiveness and the best possible water quality, it is suggested that the cartridge be replaced at least every three years.

Two replacement methods are available:

A media refill kit can be ordered - the old media is poured out of the main vessel, and the new is poured in. The old media can be recycled.
A new tank can be ordered to simply replace the old unit - it can also be returned for recycling.


This is done as necessary as determined by visual inspection. When the cartridge has noticeably darkened and/or the water pressure has dropped, it is time to clean or replace the sediment prefilter. Turn off the main water line and open a near-by faucet to relieve line pressure. Place a bucket under the housing. With the filter wrench, unscrew the housing. Remove the old filter and install the new, making sure it is positioned in the lower and upper dowels. While the housing is off, lubricate the O-ring (silicon grease, or petroleum jelly). Reorder part number SFX-1 from Crystal Clear Supply.


Tank, head, and prefilter housing: Five years full replacement. Media: Three years prorated at 1/36th the current media refill cost per month of usage.

This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, freezing, fire or other fortuitous event. No allowance is made for the consequential damage, labor or expense incurred as a result of a proven defect.

RETURN PROCEDURE - Units returned under warranty must be shipped POSTPAID to Crystal Clear Supply call for details, A photocopy of your sales receipt  MUST be enclosed with the unit. A new unit will then be sent.


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