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Water-Saver Showerhead

Get a Great Shower....

  • Actually increases velocity of shower flow - you'd never know you were saving water!
  • Creates conical spray pattern of many droplets - great coverage
  • Provides invigorating, forceful feeling, not the typical weak spray most others give
  • Rinses shampoo and soap quickly
  • Gives a very "wet" feeling shower
  • Consistantly rated better than other designs


And Great Savings....

  • Uses only 2.0 GPM at normal water pressure (50 psi)
  • Saves up to 75% on water use vs. non-water savers
  • Saves energy by reducing hot water use
  • Can save a family up to $200.00 per year on water and energy bills
Includes a "soap-up button"! This feature allows you to shut the water down to a trickle while soaping up, maintaining the water temperature until you turn slide it back to full-flow. This can save even MORE water! Solid brass - chrome plated, made in U.S.A.


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