Aquamira Travel Water Filter Bottle Portable

Aquamira Water Filter Bottle

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The Aquamira water bottle and filter kit provides a safe and effective way to enjoy clear, clean tasting water anywhere. The Aquamira water bottle and filter kit offers the ultimate in convenience for personal water filtration.

Utilizing the “tortuous path” method of filtration, the Aquamira activated carbon filter removes 99.9% of the harmful giardia and cryptosporidium pathogens, and removes chlorine taste. The Aquamira activated carbon filter is approximately equivalent to a two micron filter.

This new technology is ideal for adventure or wilderness travel, daily use, at home or work, camping, hiking, foreign travel, and more! A single, easy to use filter treats up to 100 gallons.

The Aquamira water bottle is a high quality 20 fl. Oz. sport bottle, featuring a protective flip-cap and sturdy Nalgene® construction. The easy open flip-cap keeps untreated water and debris from contaminating or clogging the spout. The Aquamira water bottle fits in most water bottle cages and trail packs.

Patented BITE METM Valve, provides a comfortable, high flow, leak free, user interface with the bottle. The BITE-ME valve is activated by biting or pinching the valve. The ergonomic design guides your teeth to the perfect position for maximum flow. The BITE-ME valve can be positioned to best suit the user, and is protected by a super tough Tritan® dust cap. Positive shut-off prevents leaks even in airplane overhead bins. (US Patent #6039305)

Directions For Use: Fill bottle with water 1½ inches (4cm) from top. Insert Aquamira filter and FIRMLY tighten cap. To drink water, lift spout and squeeze bottle. Before using new filter, flush with 1 bottle of water to remove carbon dust.

Storage: Remove filter and allow bottle and filter to air dry completely. Place dry filter into plastic bag for storage. Flush filter with 1 bottle of water before use.