Aquatec Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

Aquatec Booster Pump

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Aquatec Low Flow Booster Pump for use with RO membranes up to 50 GPD. Close tolerances within the pump head and motor, give a lower amp draw; lower operating temperatures; smoother running; longer life; lower maintenance; and greater efficiencies.
Capable of operating in a warm, humid hostile environment where other pumps have been known to fail. It is the most strongest, most durable pump available on the market today.
Built-in 1/4" John Guest half cartridge fittings eliminate need for external fittings, includes transformer.
Boosts pressure 40 to 120 PSI
More flow at extremely low inlet pressures
Up to 30,000+ operating hours
Low voltage (12-24V) for maximum safety
Can be mounted with pump head up or down
New motor venting system to remove moisture

Corrosion resistant exterior
Up to 30,000+ operating hours
100% final performance tested