Backwashing KDF/GAC Whole House Water Filtration System

Backwashing KDF & GAC Whole House Water Filtration System

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The new Crystal Clear backwashing KDF/GAC whole house water filter system provides chlorine-free and chemical-free water to the whole house including all sinks, showers, dishwashers washing machines for up to 700,000 gallons or 7 years! The “reverse flow” backwashing (done automatically) keeps the media free of fine sediment and silt, prolonging its life and enabling it to function at peak performance.



Two medias are used - KDF-55 for declorination and heavy metal removal and Granulated Activated Carbon (or GAC) to remove taste, odors and chemicals. The KDF media is contained in a special 4-segment chamber that is attached to the riser tube. The water enters here first where the KDF media is swirled, increasing the contact time with the water. The KDF media dechlorinates the water, removes heavy metals, including lead, and makes the entire filter system bacteriostatic (prevents bacterial growth). Upon exiting the KDF chamber, it enters the activated carbon to remove off tastes and odors, and chemicals.

This unit can handle flow rates up to 10 gallons per minute, with minimal pressure loss (less than 2 psi loss at 60 psi). All components are NSF certified.

The NEW Autotrol 263/740 Logix control valve with solid state electronics, automatically backwashes the KDF and GAC (once a week in most conditions) to remove dirt and sediment and keep the media in peak condition throughout its life. Sediment is also removed down to about 20 microns, and then is backwashed down the drain. For ultra clear water, add one of our whole house sediment filters as a post filter to go down to 1 micron! The valve is a true 1" valve but can also connect to 3/4" plumbing (choose on top 1" or 3/4" copper or CPVC tail pieces to connect to). A integrated by-pass switch is included to allow by-passing the unit for uses not requiring filtered water (such as lawn watering). The unit stands about 60" tall and is 10" in diameter. Requires drain near by (floor, wash basin, overhead, etc.) and standard 110V outlet. Since it requires cutting the main water line, a professional plumber may be needed.


NOTE: This unit is designed for primarily for municipal water that is free of iron and sulphur. 



Crystal Clear backwashing extended-life KDF/GAC whole house water filter system has a 10 year Tank Warranty, and 5 year Valve Warranty.

Note on chloramines: To reduce the potential for the formation of THMs, some US municipal supplies are converting their chlorine (Cl2) disinfection method to chloramine addition. Chloramines are chemical complexes formed from the reaction between ammonia and chlorine. They are more attractive to some municipal water suppliers because unlike chlorine, chloramines do not combine with organics in water to form THMs. While our standard KDF/GAC filter can effectively remove chlorine, chloramines require a greater contact time with regular carbon and so may not be entirely removed. Calgon Carbon manufactures a catalytic carbon called Centaur Catalytic Carbon specifically made for chloramine removal, and it is highly effective, In addition to chloramine removal, it is also highly effective at VOC, taste and odor removal, and even hydrogen sulfide and iron removal in well water applications. If your water supplier is using chloramines as a disinfectant, you should consider our WH-EXL-CC option additional $100.00, select this option on top, - it uses the catalytic carbon in place of the standard GAC. If you are uncertain, simply call your water department.


Compare Features! Compare Prices! You will find our Backwashing Whole House Water System to be an outstanding value!

Media Refill Kit: KDF and GAC media packs - replace about every 7 years or 700,000 gallons. $489.00

Media Refill Kit: KDF and Catalytic Carbon media packs - replace about every 4 years or 400,000 gallons. $549.00

Notice: consumer is responsible for following any state and/or local regulations and plumbing codes pertinent to the purchase, installation and operation of our products.

  • Removes Chlorine, Lead, Chemicals, Heavy Metals.
  • Leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact.
  • Convenient - quality water right at your tap.
  • Clean healthy water "better than bottled" at a fraction the cost.
  • Chlorine free showers.