Birm 1 Cubic Foot Box

Birm 1 Cubic Foot Box

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Birm is used to remove dissolved iron and manganese. The pH must be above 6.8 and dissolved oxygen content must be equal to 15% of the iron and manganese content. No regeneration is required, only periodic backwashing. 

Requires a gravel under bedding.

10" dia. x 54" tall tank holds 1.5 cubic feet.

Conditions for Operation:
Alkalinity should be greater than two times the combined sulfate and chloride concentration
pH - 6.8+
Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) content must be equal to at least 15% of the iron (or iron and manganese content)
Bed Depth - 30 - 36 in.
Backwash Rate - 10-12 gpm. sq. ft.
Backwash Bed Expansion - 35 -50% of bed depth
Service Flow rate - 3.5 - 5 gpm. sq. ft. intermittent flow rates and/or favorable conditions may allow higher flow rates

Note: We cannot sell Birm into the state of California due to Proposition 65.