Carbon Block Replacement Water Filter Chlorine, Chloramine, Lead Removal

Carbon Block Cartridge Chlorine - Chloramine - Lead Removal

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KX Matrikx PB1 extruded filter made using 100% coconut shell based activated carbon, a renewable and ecologically sustainable material, manufactured using FDA-compliant materials and offers high levels of chemical reduction in portable drinking water, including chlorine taste and odor, turbidity and cyst reduction, including cryptosporidium, giardia, and toxoplasma.

CHLORAMINE & VOC reduction claims is now standard in the Matrikx PB1 filter, the result of a breakthrough in high performance Catalytic Carbon Technology.

Graded-density filtration combined with high dirt capacity, extruded activated carbon provide several times greater life than molded filters. 30,000 gallons chlorine taste & odor reduction @ 1 GPM. and 3,750 gallons lead reduction @ 0.75 GPM.

Replacement for Crystal Clear undercounter filter UC-L, will also fit housings designed for standard 9 3/4" cartridges.

0.5 micron nominal filtration

Rated flow 0.75 GPM, 3,750 gallons life for lead removal

Chloramine reduction

PFAS reduction

VOC reduction

Formulated for cyst and heavy metal reduction

Exceptionally low pressure drop

High dirt holding capacity

Outstanding chlorine taste and odor reduction.

Excellent chemical contaminant reduction
High adsorptive capacity and efficiency