Double Countertop Ionizer Water Purifier KDF-GAC & Fluoride Pre-filter

Double Countertop Ionizer Water Purifier KDF-GAC & Fluoride Pre-filter

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This dual housing water filter purifier sits on your counter features our KDF/GAC cartridge (12,000 gallon rating approximately 3 years) has an intergrated 1 micron absolute prefilter that can capture cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia). PLUS our "Fluoride Removal Filter" which contains Activated Alumina media to effectively remove Fluoride from your drinking water.

This dual setup unit is the best for Fluoride Removal which is removed with an Activated Alumina filter cartridge it's aluminum oxide, the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities that give the gems their color (this is not aluminum), our KDF/GAC cartridge will also remove any activated alumina that may be in your water after going through the activated alumina filter for ultra clean water.

Quick-Connect fittings makes the installation a snap and will hook up to your water ionizer as a pre filter to remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Chemicals and Heavy Metals.

Includes: housing wrench, high pressure polyethylene tubing if needed, mounting bracket, and chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace cartridge. 12" tall, 10" wide, 5" deep.

3 year prorated warranty on cartridges, 5 year on components.
How KDF/GAC Filters Work

Removes Chlorine, Lead, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Fluoride.

Leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact.

Tested to industry standard NSF-53 protocol by independent laboratory.

Convenient - quality water right at your tap.

Economical - costs only pennies per gallon for "better than bottled" quality.