Doulton Ceramic Multi Candle Filter Module High Flow

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New Doulton Rio 2000 whole house, high flow ceramic filter cartridge removes bacteria and cysts, this unique Rio 2000 six element filter module fits any industry standard Big Blue housing is designed to be fitted to the mains water inlet to the home or cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter to supply large volumes of healthy, Crystal Clear clean water to the whole family.
Flow Rate: 7-8 GPM @ 45 psi, for cold water use only. Filter with module for existing Big Blue housings.

Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life.
High Efficiency Filter 99.99% plus Bacteria, cyst and particles.
An added value alternative to UV water treatment systems.
No Power Required Cost effective to run. Protects without power.
Keeps the minerals beneficial to health.
Excellent water flow even in low water pressure areas.
175 years experience - a proven brand you can trust!