In line Refrigerator Water Filter KDF-GAC

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KDF/GAC filtration (KDF-55 / Coconut Carbon) for refrigerators with ice-makers and/or water through the door, water fountains, water coolers, commercial coffee makers and ice machines. High-pressure quick-connect fittings can be used on either 1/4" o.d. copper or plastic tubing. Rated to treat 5,000 gallons, 2 year prorated warranty. Includes chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace cartridge. 11" long, 2" diameter.
Pressure Range: 20-125 psi
Flow Rate: 1.0 gpm
Micron Rating: 5 Micron
Temperature Range: 40-100F

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Removes Chlorine, Lead, Chemicals, Heavy Metals.
Leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact.
Tested to industry standard NSF-53 protocol by independent laboratory.
Convenient - quality water right at your tap.