Merlin Variable Booster Speed Pump

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Merlin variable speed pump is designed for the GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis Systems, manufactured by Aquatec.

Most automatic demand pumps are designed for a limited flow range. When variable flows are required (i.e. multiple fixtures drawing fluid from a single source), such pumps require a supplementary accumulator tank, and even then, often experience pressure fluctuations of at least 20 psi.

The Aquajet Variable Speed series integrates a state-of-the-art digital controller with our proven 5-valve specialty diaphram pumps. The result is a patend-pending, intelligent pump series which can maintain constant pressures (within 2 psi) for variable flow rates throughout their operating ranges. Utilizing an integrated pressure transducer, these Aquajet pumps monitor any pressure changes and adjust their operating speeds accordingly. Bulky accumulator tanks and unreliable pressure switches are no longer required.

5-valve variable speed pump. Used in applications that require more flow. Comes with a built-in power cord for ease of installation.

Quick Disconnect ports – Used in applications that require less flow at higher pressure settings. Comes with a built-in power cord for ease of installation. 115 volt – Flow Rate: .3–3.0 GPM – 65 psi holding constant pressure. At higher flow rate pressure will start to drop.

UL approved. Meets NSF Requirements.

Select elbow connector or straight connector and tubing size on top.

Constant pressure across multiple outlets No accumulator tanks required Reduced system bacteria Reduced space requirements No pressure switches required Less system service required Plug-and-play performance Optional logic interface available QD ports