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You absorb more chlorine through your skin in one shower than what you typically drink all day. Chlorine can make skin dry and flaky. It can make hair dry and brittle, and ruin hair coloring and permanents. Chlorine often irritates the eyes and lungs.

The Crystal Clear shower filter uses the patented KDF copper-zinc alloy (manufactured by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.), the most effective media there is to remove chlorine in high temperature shower water. KDF's performance actually improves the higher the water temperature, whereas carbon's (used by some) performance decreases! With this technology, our filter has been shown to effectively remove 97+% of this damaging chlorine, for up to 1 full year (for 2 people) - 2 to 3 times longer than other filters. KDF can also remove iron and other heavy metals, sulphur, and it controls the mold and mildew in your shower.

Our KDF Shower Filter installs in minutes, with no tools on any shower arm with standard 1/2" pipe threads. Simply unscrew your showerhead from the shower arm, attach your showerhead to the end of the filter, and install the filter on the shower arm. It's as easy as screwing on a lightbulb! Must be used with a 2.5 gpm (or less) showerhead for best results. (Shower Filter only without showerhead).

Optional: Massage Action Shower Head four position pulsating shower-shower spray, fast pulse, spray and pulse combo and pause setting. Available in White and Chrome. Only $11.49 select on top.
Optional: Water-Saver Showerhead only $10.49 select on top.

It's as easy as screwing on a lightbulb!